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VLR-05.27.08 "Duke Lacrosse is like Katrina"

Guest Mark Raterman; Casual Hockey fans have no problem walking out on the sport once they are through with it; Memorial Day Lacrosse; NCAA Lacrosse finals leads to learning the rules of the sport; Lady Lacrosse sexism, goalies fending for lives, Duke players compared to Katrina victims, Jim Brown lacrosse legend; Sexist coverage of Danica Patrick blow up; Sean talks about his BBQ where guest shuts down because he accuse people of stealing his dog leash; Teleporters vs. Time Machines; Joakim Noah adds to the NBA weed legacy and writers don’t know how to handle it; Hulk Hogan bashes a car crash victim

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VLR 05.22.08- "98% of France is Muslim"

Special guest Brian Potrafka joins CJ and Sean. New York writer says Pizza was waste in New York because he couldn’t steal third and didn’t admit he was gay. More sports writers are against instant replay. No Argument Here: PT Barnum; sobriety; prisoners of war; Jarvic artificial heart; Lewis and Clark. Potrafka talks about running his mouth to strangers, while in Death Valley. More absurd Piazza criticisms Roy Campanella’s career stats- took every other year off. Is there a bigger dick head than a member of any 1970s sports dynasty? Dennis Rodman is a great businessman for turning the overachiever angle into a prima donna. Fisk says he wants to be a Red Sox in Hall of Fame. Bob Costas panel on horse racing. Big Brown’s trainers and owners are going to run him until he is dead.

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VLR: 05.21.08- "These are Terrible, Humilating Places"

English soccer fans riot after giant TV breaks, preventing them from watching a few seconds of game. London government is worried riot has ruined their Olympic and World Cub bids. Russia is ready to deploy KGB for upcoming soccer games. English soccer hooligans may disappear in prisons. Soccer never has any breaks in the game- like a cross country trip. NBA draft lottery was ridiculously random for the first 20 years. Delaware may allow legal sports betting. Mayweather makes it rain with counterfeit bills. VERSUS: atheists vs new parents: who is more condescending?

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VLR 05.20.08- "All I need is a Fast Boat and Margarita Machine"

CJ and Sean both perform in bad standup shows over the weekend. Charles Barkley says he won’t gamble for a few months after Vegas DA press charges for unpaid gambiling debts. LA Times sports writer TJ Simers has descended into pure, playground fat jokes with Andruw Jones. Simers brings Gary Mathews JR into this round with HGH jokes. Jason Giambi admits he is overpaid and wears a thong to NY paper. Emotional Mundane Debates: are NBA pregame pyrotechnics too much? Should Baseball have instant replay?

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VLR 05.16.08- "A Little Too Abled"

Sean returns from week off. Special guests Brendan McGowan and Ricky Carmona. Sean’s kid is baptized. Chicago trial updates- R Kelly and illegal duck liver. Marion Jones’ husband is sentenced to jail. Runner with state of the art fake legs can now run in the Olympics. PETA plans a potentially over the top protest at the Preakness. Todd Jones wants to just get drunk in the locker room like old times. Billy Wagner is tired of speaking for his immigrant team mates.

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