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VLR-06.06.08 "If you lose track of Brady, he'll disassemble a bathroom"

Guests: Brady Novak & Mark Vanna; Brady Novak’s final VLR; Big Brown’s cracked hoof is compared to human injuries for better understanding; Call from Mark Raterman about Brady; Flannery explains the point when his wife fell out of love with Brady; Erica Acosta calls in to tell Brady he was at his wedding; Ricky Carmona is sick of roasts and adds to the Brady at Acosta’s wedding mystique; Brady forces us to talk about the Red Sox/Rays brawl; Robert Buscemi calls in to talk about himself; Nate Craig calls in to confuse all listeners; Jeff Klinger calls in and asks for a ride; Shawn Cole calls in about a Sea Monster; a final “which is more?”

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