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VLR 06.05.08- "Comical Breast Enlargements"

MLB baseball draft is happening during show. ESPN tries, in vain, to make it as exciting as NFL draft. Baseball: why can’t teams trade picks? No one understands the baseball draft rules. NHL narrowly avoids instant replay chaos when Detroit beats Pittsburgh for Stanley Cup. Is there anything more disappointing than road clinches? NBA is trying to re-package Celtics / Laker rivalry. Busty Heart is local Boston celebrity who played into 80s rivalry with Jack Nicholson. The 1980s were defined by gag breast enlargements. Big Brown is now sponsored by Hooters. Hooters is practically turning him into a Spuds McKenzie commercial. 1980s also embraced and celebrated, “the party animal”. Widow of man killed in crane accident refuses money from a Mets player since dead husband liked the Yankees. Minor league hockey team is doing free funeral give-away. VERSUS: injury vs baby- what is the best way to sneak alcohol into a sport event. Verdict: baby lets you sneak in more alcohol, but being injured is “like being a hot woman” so people treat you better.

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