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VLR 06.03.08- "We Destroyed The Mole"

Special guest Mark Ratterman. Pittsburgh / Detroit game goes into triple overtime in Stanley Cup. Hockey is ecstatic about beating “The Mole” in TV Ratings. NBC always threatens to drop hockey after these long overtime games, but is fine with other sports going into OT. Hockey does, however, have the best celebration with The Cup being skated around. Tiger Woods says he’s not interested in hockey. Gretskey answers questions in response to Tiger Woods. A drunk driver ran into a Mexican bike race, barreling bicyclists into the air. The crash is caught by an amazing photo. The American Consultant is trying to talk to the driver. VLR proposes that the driver’s lawyers, “Put biking on trial” as the defense strategy. Sean shares a story about two bikers getting into fight while he walked to work.
Marriott writes a ridiculous story saying that Chicago can not become a world class city until Ozzie Guilen is fired. He only quotes ESPN analysts from his show, when defending his position. Sports writers think Ozzie Guillen is “eliminating the middle man” by just sharing his ridiculous thoughts with the fans. VLR has an idea for a coach’s loudly self-critical show, which would make sports writers and analysis completely unnecessary.`

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