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VLR 06.02.08- "Some of my best friends are Bald Eagles"

Special Monday show with special guest Shawn Cole, co creator of the show Visits Locker Room. Shawn details the trucks that are getting him out west, to the Portland coast. Cole has not seen the house they are moving into. The kids have already been shipped out to “lock and load”. Cole turns off all radios on long drives. “NO INTERFERENCE ”. Cole’s “Create a Cave” ran into infrastructure problems back out east. Cole talks about eating at the German fest. Coole and Brook are defacing all American Bald Eagle art they see during the drive. Cole pants leather helmets and sunglass on every eagle. Cole explains his past success cross breading predators. Cole almost became a police officer on the east coast, but couldn’t find the right committee. Stayed with his Street Enforcer rule in Chicago, clearing traffic and bad home improvement projects. Cole talks about getting coaches into a host from above. Gus Johnson feels that the Kimbo Slice fight was ended to early. Show ends with regional Ron Jaworski commercials

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