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VLR-06.06.08 "If you lose track of Brady, he'll disassemble a bathroom"

Guests: Brady Novak & Mark Vanna; Brady Novak’s final VLR; Big Brown’s cracked hoof is compared to human injuries for better understanding; Call from Mark Raterman about Brady; Flannery explains the point when his wife fell out of love with Brady; Erica Acosta calls in to tell Brady he was at his wedding; Ricky Carmona is sick of roasts and adds to the Brady at Acosta’s wedding mystique; Brady forces us to talk about the Red Sox/Rays brawl; Robert Buscemi calls in to talk about himself; Nate Craig calls in to confuse all listeners; Jeff Klinger calls in and asks for a ride; Shawn Cole calls in about a Sea Monster; a final “which is more?”

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VLR 06.05.08- "Comical Breast Enlargements"

MLB baseball draft is happening during show. ESPN tries, in vain, to make it as exciting as NFL draft. Baseball: why can’t teams trade picks? No one understands the baseball draft rules. NHL narrowly avoids instant replay chaos when Detroit beats Pittsburgh for Stanley Cup. Is there anything more disappointing than road clinches? NBA is trying to re-package Celtics / Laker rivalry. Busty Heart is local Boston celebrity who played into 80s rivalry with Jack Nicholson. The 1980s were defined by gag breast enlargements. Big Brown is now sponsored by Hooters. Hooters is practically turning him into a Spuds McKenzie commercial. 1980s also embraced and celebrated, “the party animal”. Widow of man killed in crane accident refuses money from a Mets player since dead husband liked the Yankees. Minor league hockey team is doing free funeral give-away. VERSUS: injury vs baby- what is the best way to sneak alcohol into a sport event. Verdict: baby lets you sneak in more alcohol, but being injured is “like being a hot woman” so people treat you better.

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VLR 06.03.08- "We Destroyed The Mole"

Special guest Mark Ratterman. Pittsburgh / Detroit game goes into triple overtime in Stanley Cup. Hockey is ecstatic about beating “The Mole” in TV Ratings. NBC always threatens to drop hockey after these long overtime games, but is fine with other sports going into OT. Hockey does, however, have the best celebration with The Cup being skated around. Tiger Woods says he’s not interested in hockey. Gretskey answers questions in response to Tiger Woods. A drunk driver ran into a Mexican bike race, barreling bicyclists into the air. The crash is caught by an amazing photo. The American Consultant is trying to talk to the driver. VLR proposes that the driver’s lawyers, “Put biking on trial” as the defense strategy. Sean shares a story about two bikers getting into fight while he walked to work.
Marriott writes a ridiculous story saying that Chicago can not become a world class city until Ozzie Guilen is fired. He only quotes ESPN analysts from his show, when defending his position. Sports writers think Ozzie Guillen is “eliminating the middle man” by just sharing his ridiculous thoughts with the fans. VLR has an idea for a coach’s loudly self-critical show, which would make sports writers and analysis completely unnecessary.`

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VLR 06.02.08- "Some of my best friends are Bald Eagles"

Special Monday show with special guest Shawn Cole, co creator of the show Visits Locker Room. Shawn details the trucks that are getting him out west, to the Portland coast. Cole has not seen the house they are moving into. The kids have already been shipped out to “lock and load”. Cole turns off all radios on long drives. “NO INTERFERENCE ”. Cole’s “Create a Cave” ran into infrastructure problems back out east. Cole talks about eating at the German fest. Coole and Brook are defacing all American Bald Eagle art they see during the drive. Cole pants leather helmets and sunglass on every eagle. Cole explains his past success cross breading predators. Cole almost became a police officer on the east coast, but couldn’t find the right committee. Stayed with his Street Enforcer rule in Chicago, clearing traffic and bad home improvement projects. Cole talks about getting coaches into a host from above. Gus Johnson feels that the Kimbo Slice fight was ended to early. Show ends with regional Ron Jaworski commercials

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VLR- 05.30.08. "If I Killed my Wife why am I not in Jail?"

(2 minute delay before show starts playing). Sex in the City premiers. Vana is working with new interns. Pardon the Interruption ends their latest show with a bad child sex joke. ESPN loves issuing unnecessarily early apologies. Drew Peterson is being cock blocked by Chicago police. Tape expert testifies in the R Kelly trial saying it is R Kelly in the video tape and that faking it would have took a professional 44 years. Canadian sports writers rally against motorcycles after hockey player dies in accident. MLB might ban maple bats that shatter into pure shrapnel Minor league hockey championship panics into a silence after the trophy is broken. The NBA is trying to paint the Boston / LA series as a rematch of the great 80s series.

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