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Ole Stinkey is on the scene...Fearless has been awaiting this arrival much like an overdue mom awaits her own delivery.  We had been keeping an eye on an old, paint flakng school bus that was in the midst of renovation (i.e. torn up and discarded), a tailgater bus used for racing, and newly on the scene, an old police bus that was used as a mobile office.  The official name is "Incident Command Vehicle".  After going back and forth, pros and cons, hair tearing, hand wringing, and angst, we pretty much "ghostbusted" the Incident Command Vehicle - and by "ghostbusted" we mean we walked on the bus, asked a couple of enginey questions, and then asked if we could spend the night on board.  Yes, we were pretty excited.

A few details:  The Fearless Bus is an E350 Ford Diesel Engine with a "cutaway" body.  It was owned by the city of Lemont and apparently treated with tender loving care.  Although the model year is 1986, there were only 64K miles on the engine - and our new mechanic in Yorkville called her an antique.  Antique or not, we are the proud new owners.  And the color scheme matches our Fearless red, white, and blue.  Did we mention there are still some flashing lights on top?  Looks pretty sweet when we pull up to the disco!

Interior design was not Lemont's strong suit.  They went with grey.  Grey carpet on the walls and ceiling.  Grey cabinetry, Grey paint.  It's time to lively up this place.  Now, the good news is that the office is really well done, solid drawers and counter tops for all the content we can hope to create.  As a matter of fact, we were loathe to pull anything out to start the conversion to a live/work space.  We finally decided that the first thing to go would have to be the victim/suspect bus seats*.  Taking out bus seats is not an easy chore.  We were able to remove one of the two benches and had the machine shop do the other.  That new space will be the platform bench/bed.  The first priorities - work & sleep.  We will  park near the shower house for the time being.

Oh yes, and we've named this non-gendered vehicle Stinkey.  In honor of the pug, in honor of the sweat of hundreds of suspects/cops, and in honor of a very public temper tantrum thrown by one Borderline family member.  Ol' Stinkey, good ole Stinkey.

Here's what Bo Didley has to say about Stinkey

No Smello Vision but I think this video captures the vibe we caught from the bus when we purchased it. 

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