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Late one Saturday evening we're driving through camp Hideaway out in Yorkville.  I hear an eerily distant refrain from The Fratelli's Chelsea Dagger, you know the one, we play it at every goal in Chicago.  As we are pulling up to the main camp road, we see what appears to be a light show coming through the woods.  Surreal. 

It is a Saturday night parade of decorated golf carts flying along at full speed! There are carts that are specifically Blackhawks, custom made, blaring Chelsea Dagger and lighting up the dark woods - it has the sound of a carnival ride, electric, quiet, with just the sound of wind and engine flying by.  Never seen anything like it before, don't know when we'll see it again.  That's what campers do at 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday night in a campground just an hour outside Chicago...

If you are familiar with The Fratellis only because of the Blackhawks and their goal scoring snippet of Chelsea Dagger, let me turn you on to their new video!  Just in to the Fearless newsline, here is the latest - "Imposters (Little by Little) by The Fratellis!



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