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So let's say we're being perfectly honest with ourselves here, something like what the therapists call a "personal inventory" if you will.  If my human defense mechanisms of waving a flashlight and shouting "shoo" were reversed with our little skunk's smelly spray defense, I would have to admit that this yard would have been sprayed many, many times this week.  It is to her great credit that not once has she seen fit to defend herself against these crazy city humans or their little dog.  Stand her ground?  Yep, she's done that a couple of times but with good reason.  She has found true gastronomic delight in Jaco's Blue Buffalo.  And it is to Jaco's credit that he has maintained a friendly interest in our little black and white friends and has not yet gone into mad pug mode.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure if she had control of the flashlight defense, the battery wouldn't be quite so low…

I promise if you "Put Some Diesel In It" today, I will pay it forward and sprinkle the ground liberally with some dog food treats for our little friends before we split.  Paw to God!

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