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So let's say we're being perfectly honest with ourselves here, something like what the therapists call a "personal inventory" if you will.  If my human defense mechanisms of waving a flashlight and shouting "shoo" were reversed with our little skunk's smelly spray defense, I would have to admit that this yard would have been sprayed many, many times this week.  It is to her great credit that not once has she seen fit to defend herself against these crazy city humans or their little dog.  Stand her ground?  Yep, she's done that a couple of times but with good reason.  She has found true gastronomic delight in Jaco's Blue Buffalo.  And it is to Jaco's credit that he has maintained a friendly interest in our little black and white friends and has not yet gone into mad pug mode.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure if she had control of the flashlight defense, the battery wouldn't be quite so low…

I promise if you "Put Some Diesel In It" today, I will pay it forward and sprinkle the ground liberally with some dog food treats for our little friends before we split.  Paw to God!

"Put Some Diesel In It"

Ole Stinkey is on the scene...Fearless has been awaiting this arrival much like an overdue mom awaits her own delivery.  We had been keeping an eye on an old, paint flakng school bus that was in the midst of renovation (i.e. torn up and discarded), a tailgater bus used for racing, and newly on the scene, an old police bus that was used as a mobile office.  The official name is "Incident Command Vehicle".  After going back and forth, pros and cons, hair tearing, hand wringing, and angst, we pretty much "ghostbusted" the Incident Command Vehicle - and by "ghostbusted" we mean we walked on the bus, asked a couple of enginey questions, and then asked if we could spend the night on board.  Yes, we were pretty excited.

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I rarely rave about products or even remember to mention when they live up to their press.  We tend to jump into negative reviews and rant and rave when things don't go right, so I thought I would try and balance with a few pleasant surprises on the product front.  Agree or disagree, let me know what you think.

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One never knows how truly adorable a baby skunk is until one has an opportunity to watch it nom away on one's very expensive Blue Buffalo dog food…that one had forgotten during night time shut down.  Yes, that "one" would be me and as I came out armed with a flashlight and very little in the way of a plan to deal with a skunk, the little one looked up at me with shining baby eyes, stood her ground, and threw her head up to crunch away to show me how much she thoroughly enjoyed my offering of dog food.  And she put Flower (Bambi's little skunk friend) to shame in the looks department - did I mention adorable?  I've seen a few skunks around the neighborhood, mostly in the head lights of cars, and none were as beautiful as this little one.  

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I wasn't familiar with the suburbs outside of Cook County other than a vague memory of my early years in a small town - Naperville.  It is now it's own metropolis, grown so huge!   Donald Trump would approve.  Well, we have settled temporarily in the area of Yorkville and Oswego along the Fox River in Kendall County.  It is a lovely area full of woods, recreation, and fairly happy people.  As you pull into Yorkville it is immediately clear that the Fox River figures prominently in the town story.  Foxes painted on everything, foxes woven into the wrought iron fence along the river walk, and most importantly for me, Foxy's Ice Cream down on the banks of the river.

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As most of you know, Fearless Radio has been grounded in Chicago for a decade, serving both the local and touring music and arts communities.  Now as we look to the next Fearless decade, we decided that one thing is clear - phones and data are not the only things going mobile.  In order to continue Fearless, and in order to continue to bring you all of the interviews, festival coverage, reviews, and best in new music, we must be mobile ourselves.  We have taken the first step and we've already transitioned to a phone interview, venue coverage format.  Have you checked out the latest interviews and venue reviews from Payton, Sheila, and Abby?  The Fearless staff are going gangbusters with even more to come.

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