In Bed w/ Michelle L'amour - 04.09.07 Show

Ever wanted to spend an entertaining evening with a beautiful woman on a regular basis? How about in bed with that beautiful woman? Thanks to Fearless Radio, now you can.

Getting “In Bed with Michelle L’amour” has never been so much fun. Every Monday at 9pm CST, Miss L’amour and her cohost Hubie discuss life, culture and sensuality from their uniquely sexy point of view. Called “The Sexy Oprah”, this show gives a rare glimpse into the life of a popular burlesque entertainer, but goes way beyond that. Advice, Cocktail recipes, celebrity guests, brilliantly cynical rants and the particularly pleasing “Bedtime Stories” (erotic stories read by Michelle and paired with exotic wines by Sommelier Susan Deiss) round out an evening of sordid excitement.

On tonight’s show:

Discover the delicate pleasure that is Champagne
Discuss the top ten sexiest movies of all time
Find out why women who dress like teen pop stars drive Michelle to drink
Glimpse into the erotic world of “Emmanuelle” as Michelle L’amour and Susan Deiss read erotica and drink exquisite wines

So grab a cocktail, put on your favorite pajamas (or lingerie, as the case may be) and curl up “In Bed with Michelle L’amour”. Sweet dreams…

Listen now! (0:00min / 56MB)


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