In Bed with Michelle L'amour - 06.18.07

Michelle L'amour's Post Exotic World Las Vegas wrap up – Hear behind the scenes stories. What happened in Vegas, definitely is NOT staying in Vegas.
The creators of Dr. Sketchy's-Chicago join us for a tet-a-tet about their new life drawing sensation.

Michelle reads one of her favorite erotic stories, from "Pick up the Pieces". It's HOT HOT HOT!


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In Bed with Michelle L’amour- 06.04.07

Lakeshore Theatre“In Bed with Michelle L’amour” is hosting a live radio event at The Lakeshore Theater on June 4th at 8pm. Proceeds from ticket sales go to The Exotic World Burlesque Museum to help them preserve this precious piece of our American History.

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In Bed with Michelle L'amour - 05.28.07

Memorial Day Special

Michelle and Hubie (in their most intimate moments yet) discuss
religion, drugs and the best shape for a woman’s pubic hair. Special music by Massivivid

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In Bed with Michelle L'amour - 05.21.07

• Copious amounts of alcohol (Grand Marnier, anyone?)


• The Amazing Tomas and his “Shortest Blind Date Ever”

• Michelle reads her sexy Bedtime Story, “Derriere, Part 2” In honor of Bootyslappa.

Oh My Gawd! Bootyslappa and his entourage jump “In Bed with Michelle L’amour” tonight, all guerilla style, y’all. Now’s your chance to hear one of the Bawdiest Bards of Hip Hop spit the rhymes that crowned him King of Ass and won Michelle’s heart. Sip Grand Marnier with the Sultan of Tush while he waxes poet about being an eternal optimist (”I think of that ass as half full.”)

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In Bed with Michelle L'amour - 05.14.07

• “Getting Off Easy” – Sexpert Anna teaches how to give an amazing Blow Job
• Drinking Bellini’s and talking about sex
• G Boutique Gift Certificate Give Away
• Michelle reads her sexy Bedtime Story, “Tipping the Velvet”

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